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About us

Pak Fook Jewellery (HK) CO. LTD was established in 1983 at Hong Kong, with the heritage of Hong Kong Jewellery elements, the brand roots on the elegance, romantics, classics, fashion, and the mix of latest world jewelry designs, making PAKFOOK JEWELLERY one of the greatest global jewellery designer and manufactory.
With more than 20 years of enterprise and the brand managing experience, with the excellent quality and the completed customer service system, PAK FOOK (SZ) Jewellery CO. LTD was established in Shenzhen, aiming to bring in more and more modern fashion and artistic styles to the domestic customers.
With a acute sense of catching the tide of fashion and trend of the market, with continuously pursuing quality and creation, PAKFOOK JEWELLERY is about to be the pioneer of the domestic jeweler.
Hong Kong is not just the center of the jewellery processing district in Asia, she also has the biggest jewellery market in the world. The fashionable, creative and various designs, excellent jewellery crafting process and services makes HK become one important part of the world jewellery market. Plenty of customers are much more preferring HK jewellery brands, just for they are famous as the excellent designs and the perfect process.

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